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Términos y Condiciones

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before contacting us through this website. By using or obtaining any content, materials, data, services or products via the Red Fox Luxury Car Hire website ("Our Website"), in any way and through any contact information given on "our website", our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, or contacting us in any other way, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept all of these terms, then you may not use "our website".

1.1 Hire periods are for at least 24 hours and any additional hours over a 24 hour period constitute an additional days hire.
1.2 We always advise that you inspect the car and any accessories at the delivery of your car and prior to signing the local contract. Ensure that any damages are noted clearly on the delivery sheet and leave sufficient time at the collection to make the same inspection.
1.3 Only the person(s) named in the rental agreement are insured to drive. If you allow someone other than the person(s) named on the rental agreement to drive the vehicle, the security deposit will be considered a total loss, the insurance nullified, and we reserve the rights to terminate the contract. This can result in it being collected and no replacement being provided. On all rentals, the hirer should note that the car is intended for personal use only, the chosen car cannot be sublet to third parties under any circumstances.
1.4 All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel and when the vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel, no refueling charge is payable.
1.5 If the wrong fuel is used the hirer is responsible for all recovery, drainage and repair costs.
1.6 Your personal documents are required to complete the hire process and should be accurate, in date and complete.
1.7 Red Fox Luxury Lifestyle Ltd will protect personal information by imposing reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft. If we are unable to directly supply the requested vehicle we may request the hire from a trusted partner. In this case we reserve the right to forward information only to trusted partners in order to arrange the hire on your behalf and partners are prohibited from using your personal information in any way other than for the purpose of hire.
1.8 In this situation (1.7) on signing the confirmation document you agree to abide by the terms or conditions imposed by our preferred partners and are responsible for ensuring that you take time to read the local contract prior to signing as any dispute you may have must be directed directly to them.
1.9 We will not distribute or sell your personal information to third parties however we may use your personal information to update you on any special offers we may have on certain vehicles.
1.10 Any damages caused by misuse of the vehicle will be charged to you, the hirer. Your liability in the case of abuse of the car is not limited to the amount of the Security Deposit.
1.11 Cars are fitted with GPS enabling a warning to be issued to you for several reasons, for example if excessive speeding is detected. If you ignore any warnings and continue to use the car in a way we deem to be excessive, the Security Deposit held may be considered a total loss. Any damage caused by misuse of the car could result in it being collected and no replacement being provided.
1.12 As the hirer, you agree to pay the daily rate for any days that the vehicle is off the road or impounded, repair only in the event of damage caused by you due to excessive or abusive wear.
1.13 If we do not hold Security Deposit, in the case of any damage or theft, you agree to pay the full amount as originally quoted.
1.14 We reserve the right to refuse hire without reason.

Cancellations & Refund Policy

2.1 The Reservation Deposit taken at the time of booking is non-refundable but may be held as a credit note against future hires. The full amount of the hire is payable in the event the cancellation is within 14 days of the proposed hire.
2.2 In the event that Red Fox fails to supply the requested model or an equivalent value / performance vehicle the Reservation Deposit can be refunded within 14 working days. If a substitute is accepted at the time of hire then no refund will be made.


3.1 All accidents must be reported to the Police immediately and the accident report form completed within 24 hours after the accident.
3.2 Failure to report the accident to the Police may result in the insurance cover becoming invalid.

Kilometer Allowances

4.1 There is a daily mileage allowance limit for each car. Any additional mileage traveled will be charged at the excess mileage rate as shown in the booking confirmation.
4.2 Extra miles can be pre-booked, however, any unused pre-booked miles are non-refundable.

Vehicle returns

5.1 If the condition of the vehicle or the weather/light conditions do not permit a complete and comprehensive inspection of the vehicle on return, we reserve the right to fully inspect the vehicle at our location after the vehicle is fully cleaned.
5.2 If we have agreed the vehicle may be returned to another location, it is the necessary to inform us that the vehicle is ready for collection and to park the car safely and legally until the vehicle is collected.

Security Deposit

6.1 The amount of the excess depends on which car you have rented/hired and is declared at the time of the offer. The Security Deposit is processed for the duration of the hire and is held to cover the excess in the case of damage to the vehicle during the hire period. (Please read Conditions of Hire)
6.2 If the car is involved in an accident, the Security Deposit will be held until it is confirmed that no insurance claim will arise against the insurance policy or the hirer (non- fault). If the hire vehicle is damaged the hirer agrees to pay for all damage and repairs up to the amount of the Security Deposit.
6.3 The hirer is liable for all parking, traffic, speeding or other tickets or violations issued while the vehicle is being rented and must pay for any of these penalties. Where possible, all fines and penalty notices will be represented to the hirer. An admin fee of €50 inc VAT will apply.
6.4 If the vehicle is used off public roads without prior written consent, the hirer accepts full responsibility for all damage caused. Use of the vehicle off public roads or on any race track, airfield etc will automatically mean the loss of the Security Deposit.
6.5 If you wish the car to be driven as part of a rally or off public roads as long as you declare your intent of use for the car we will obtain consent on your behalf. Failure to declare this will nullify the insurance cover and the Security Deposit will be forfeit.

Limits of Liability

7.1 Red Fox Luxury Lifestyle Ltd may act as a direct agent and as such is fully responsible for the orderly placing of the car rental booking with a preferred partner car rental company. Red Fox is not liable if rental agreements are not completed locally for reasons where the customer is responsible. This may include the following reasons:

  • missing or out of date documents at time of pick-up (Valid Driving Licence, Passport/personal ID, drivers credit card)
  • not fulfilling rental requirements like full payment and processing the Security Deposit, minimum/maximum age
  • being unable or incapable of driving due to ingestion of alcohol, drugs, prescriptions etc.

  • 7.2 Red Fox Luxury Lifestyle Ltd is not responsible or liable for any claims based on the contractual rental agreement between the customer and the preferred partner car rental company or for the rental car itself. In dispute cases customers need to contact the car rental company as their contractual partner. Red Fox Luxury Lifestyle Ltd is not responsible or liable for the rented vehicle itself. In this respect, the customer's claims are exclusively limited to the supplier in question - on the spot.