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Аренда Ford Mustang GT
Аренда Ford Mustang GT Долина Аоста
Аренда Ford Mustang GT Долина Аоста

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Прокат Ford в Долина Аоста

Red Fox Luxury Car Hire invites you to rent Ford in the Aosta Valley with us. Aosta Valley is a region which is to the northwest of Italy bordering Switzerland and France. Red Fox can deliver your Ford here, taking the hassle away from you as we will deliver to your doorstep.

Valle d'Aosta has most of the snow-capped mountains including the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc and Grand Paradiso. The well known ski resorts in the area are Courmayeur and Cervinia, bring your Ford here and ski in style.

Apart from skiing there are many activities that are well worth a visit in your Ford. The region has many medieval castles such as the Castello Fenis and Castello di Verres. Built in the 14th century.

Fantastic location to drive in SUV's and why not drop the hood of your luxury car in Summer. Your wish is our command.