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  • двигатель Большинство доступных моделей
  • Лошадиные силы 493 BHP
  • 0-100 км / ч 3.7 (c)
  • Высокоскоростной 322 (км / ч)
  • Цена от €427 / день
  • (среднесрочная аренда)

прокат Porsche 911

The 911 is a sports car that is iconic in its looks and also in its performance. The Porsche 911 has and still is sold as a 911 but there are many, many variations. The 991 was introduced in 2011 and still produced today but with in that category there are more sub divisions including the Carrera S & GTS, the Carrera 4 S & GTS, the Targa 4 (S >S) and the totally awesome Turbo and Turbo S.

Hire a Porsche 991 which is described as a landmark Porsche not least because it represented the icon on its 50th anniversary. The details of the improvement are mostly hidden in the data sheets but you have a larger, wider and smoother car in this latest addition. Porsche have continued to add subtle changes to the 911 series and keep on making it better and better.

Rent a Porsche 911 and you will understand that this is one of the easiest sports cars to drive, the response is calm and the car is compliant. The interior is now with more high quality and you have much more space than before. The Porsche 911 is described as a 2+2 performance sports car but the Porsche Turbo and Turbo S take the Porsche brand into super car status but you do not lose the ability to use this particular super car every day. Truly the best of all worlds.

With a pedigree racing history Porsche went to the masses with the Porsche 917 - and Ferrari 512 - in the film that change the life of Steve McQueen all those years ago (1971). McQueens character drives a 911S on the road and the 917 on track. The film is Le Mans and it now has a cult following and has been described as sheer motoring pornography and we mention this as you may like to look up the opening or closing scenes of this movie and turn up the soundtrack of alternatively screeching and throbbing engines whilst you decide which Marque you will hire in Europe or Australia this year.

Porsche has to be a serious contender.

If you want to rent a sports or super car anywhere in Europe you can. It is possible to transport and deliver cars to any given location. On occasions we will not have the car "living" where you need it but we are used to the logistics required to get the car of choice to you wherever you need it.

If you want a split delivery and collection not just different cities but even different countries, we can arrange this for you, no problem. Whatever you need when you rent a luxury car, we can do it for you.

  • Porsche 911 имеет Большинство доступных моделей под капотом.
  • Он генерирует 493 BHP, что делает Porsche 911 солидным выбором для любого приключения.
  • Porsche 911 доставит вас от 0 до 100 км / ч за 3.7 секунды!
  • При максимальной скорости 322 км / ч, Porsche 911 обязательно будет электрифицировать ваше путешествие.

Бронирование Porsche 911 в течение дня или недели должно быть легким! Red Fox - лучшая компания по прокату автомобилей в Европе, и наше обслуживание клиентов с вами - наш главный приоритет. Когда вы отправляетесь в любую точку, получите ключи от своего Porsche 911 от нас и выделиться среди толпы на следующей деловой встрече. Удивите жену и детей европейским бегством, посетите Германию и насладитесь ароматами, культурой и богатой историей. Быть римским на один день и посетить Италию с ее богатым культурным наследием, изысканными блюдами и, конечно же, лучшими суперкарами в мире! Возьмите напрокат лучшее, возьмите Porsche 911 с Red Fox сегодня.

Porsche 911 Места проката авто в Европа

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