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Rent a Rolls Royce Wraith In Madrid

  • Engine 6.6 L V12
  • Power 624 BHP
  • 0-100 km/h 4.3 (s)
  • Top Speed 250 (km/h)
  • Price from: €1297 / Day
  • (based on a mid-term rental)
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Rent a Rolls Royce Wraith In Madrid

Red Fox Luxury Car Hire invites you to rent a Rolls Royce Wraith in Madrid with us. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the airport brings visitors from all around the world. The city is home to one of the most famous football teams in the worlds Real Madrid and there is no age limit to those who would head to the grounds for the chance to see where the magic happens and to hire a luxury car to get you there would be a memorable day in any ones book.

Take your Rolls Royce Wraith to the City which apart from being home to the financial centre of Spain Madrid offers fabulous nightlife, art galleries and exhibitions, and of course some of the best food is available in the world. From the gourmet markets that have sprung up in recent years through the infamous tapas bars and finally a good selection of Michelin starred restaurants, including the Atocha which has just been awarded their second star.

Just outside Madrid you can drive to Toledo the former capital of Spain to see the medieval town or perhaps see the inspiration for Disney's infamous castle which was modelled on the castle in Segovia. Take your Rolls Royce Wraith on a tour outside the city centre and see the sights.

Many international travellers will start in Madrid and then travel to the south of Spain or even drive to the South of France. If taking a trip like this it makes sense to make a plethora of memories by renting a Rolls Royce Wraith if on a romantic trip, going from castles to Michelin star restaurants to charming old spanish towns - the perfect opportunity to show off your Rolls Royce Wraith.

Hire your Rolls Royce Wraith in Madrid with Red Fox Luxury Car Hire today.

  • The Rolls Royce Wraith has a 6.6 L V12 under the bonnet.
  • It generates 624 BHP, making the Rolls Royce Wraith a solid choice for any adventure.
  • The Rolls Royce Wraith will take you from 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds!
  • With a top speed of 250 km/h, the Rolls Royce Wraith will be sure to electrify your journey.

Booking a Rolls Royce Wraith In Madrid for a day or for a week should be easy! Red Fox Luxury Car Hire are the best car rental company in Europe and our customer service with you is our main priority.

When travelling to any destination, get the keys to your Rolls Royce Wraith from us and stand out among the crowd at your next business meeting in Madrid. Surprise the wife and kids with a European getaway, visit Madrid and enjoy the flavours, culture and rich history. Rent from the best, rent a Rolls Royce Wraith In Madrid with Red Fox Luxury Car Hire today.

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