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Italy is famous for its pizzas and pastas, its fashion industry and of course its luxury sports car industry. What better place to hire a Ferrari or Maserati and take to the roads and see Italy's beautiful coastline, the lakes in the alpine regions and the Alps and Apennines? It is home to most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and is also known as the Bel Paese - the beautiful Country.

Take a drive down the Amalfi Coast road, visit Praia a Mare a tiny coastal village which is beautiful but still unspoilt, head to Lake Como or Lake Garda in the North of Italy. Famous natural attractions are Pompeii and Herculaneum, two neighbouring cities that were covered by the explosion from Mt Vesuvius and now excavated so that you can see the population frozen at the time of the eruption.

Remember that we can deliver and collect your car at any of these locations, at any of the following airports or if you are on a cruise on the docks.

Rome has two airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino, Milan has Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo, Naples Capodichino and Pisa Galileo Galilei. Venice has the larger Marco Polo airport and also Treviso, Turin the Sandro Pertini. Red Fox has delivery centres near to all these locations and can deliver and collect the cars easily.

You can hire a McLaren MP4-12C, Rent a McLaren 650S or the 675LT only if you are not an introvert. The McLaren clan is such a good looking bunch that where ever you go in any of them you will be spoken to by strangers, people will photograph you / the car, you will be admired from the street as you drive by.

When you rent a McLaren MP4-12C once inside the car you may be surprised to find that the inside is actually very comfortable. This is a very simple and elegant car but it is in the drive that you will enjoy it the most not just for the phenomenal noise as you rev the engine but for the exceptional grip when the four independent wheels and the incredible traction control system which allows you to drive this supercar even in the rain.

If you are moving through the McLarens hire the 650S next, they say that this is the car that took the MP4-12S one step closer to perfection. The 650S is not just an aesthetic upgrade it has less weight than its predecessor and around a quarter of the parts are new. This is race genetics and the 650S gives you a firm ride which makes the 650S an everyday supercar.

The latest addition and one that Red Fox is proud to add to the fleet is the 675LT which is 220lb lighter than the 650S. When you hire the 675LT the first thing you may notice is that the core drive is even firmer and that this car is, of the three, the most edgy and the most exhilarating.

Models available: McLaren 650S, McLaren MP4 12C, McLaren P1

We offer cars in: Florence, Milan, Modena, Naples, Rome, Sardinia, Siena, Turin and Venice.