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When visiting Dubai hire a BMW from the sport, saloon or SUV choices and rather than spending most of your time maxing out your credit cards in shopping malls, attending fashion shows and going from one identical five-star hotel bar go to the next then Dubai spend time in the spiritual heart of the city – the historical district of Bastakiya in Old Dubai and you will experience a more expressive, spiritual side of Dubai. In recent years Dubai has developed into a far more significant city than its stereotypical ‘bling bling’ image. Scrape under the shiny superficial layers and you’ll find a blossoming alternative scene. Hire a BMW to attend nightclubs , arriving in style and comfort whether you are in an SUV or an executive BMW. Red Fox Luxury Car Hire has many models of BMW's from the BMW 4 series, BMW M4, BMW 6 series, BMW M6, BMW i8, BMW 7 series, BMW X5, X6. We will deliver and collect your BMW in any location you choose in Dubai.